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Engineering machinery trend of internationalization of looming

time:2015-12-7 17:06:10

In the first half, China's construction machinery import and export markets are still concentrated in Asia and Europe, according to data shows, before June this year, engineering machinery products import and export total $8.901 billion, down 27.72% year-on-year.Among them, the exports of $7.291 billion, fell 19.05% year on year, the surplus of $5.679 billion, with the same period last year were little changed.
Engineering machinery host export amount is $6.142 billion, up 1.76%;Parts exports of $1.147 billion, fell 61.36%, resulting in construction machinery industry overall exports fell by 19.05%.These data is enough to prove that our traditional low-tech products export restraints, high technology, special equipment is gradually accepted by foreign customers.Although the engineering machinery industry limited demand sales at home and abroad, but the industry technology has become a consensus ascension and into the speed track, accelerate into the trend of internationalization of our country construction machinery industry is also increasingly apparent.
"General trade" as the dominant form of trade, has been left to the development of engineering machinery exports.Some products industry "similar" degree is high, low technology content, to the local traditional industries the impact, this will cause some countries use increase the certification requirements, improve technical fortress, tariff adjustment means to limit the import of our products.
Of course the problem didn't happen overnight.Relative to the relative caterpillar, komatsu, such as international engineering machinery manufacturers, China's construction machinery industry also has emerged a lot of famous brand, but its product in the eyes of my foreign clients are "made in China", the price is low, high failure rate is their overall impression of the product.
Admittedly, international road is necessarily need fresh blood to open up.This will have to reversed transmission with China's construction machinery enterprises, to get rid of the shackles of "made in China", increase research and development of new products and new technology.In fact already has many enterprises now, such as adjust the structure to the development of high-end wazhou, the international standard of form a complete set of recognition;Yuchai joint horse oil group, and actively open the internationalization road;Shanghai, columns and filter co., LTD., consolidate the industry leading status, to build international benchmarking plant., of course, the launch of new roads, to mention some bigwigs, such as sany, advocating building with informationization pilot internationalization, zoomlion international development has its specification "five principles".In that case, engineering machinery trend of internationalization of the embargo, this road to go more long-term, have to look at "China to create" explosive.