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Engineering machinery exports: seize opportunities by innovation

time:2015-12-8 16:53:06

Since this year, the exchange rate fluctuation to engineering machinery export enterprises in China has brought a lot of pressure.The reporter learns at the scene of the 118th Canton fair, many export enterprises are actively undertake product innovation, policy efforts to seize the opportunity, will export market pressure into motivation.
Qingdao automobile sales co., LTD. The main display is used to tow containers, tractor semi-trailer etc, mainly exports countries in Africa.But this year, many African countries currency appeared more than 30% of value, directly cause a downturn of the company's orders."Before the car behind me, for example, priced around $40000, 30% African local currency devaluation, means that customers need to pay more than $10000 in costs, customer purchase intention has fallen dramatically."From Qingdao automobile sales co., LTD., the foreign trade manager Jiang Qiulin to international business newspaper reporters, for example, "it is difficult to solve the problem of similar to exchange rate fluctuations, we can only look forward to the local economic turnaround, hope customer accept the situation, digest the cost increase due to exchange rate changes.""But from September, the world's economic recovery, customer's enthusiasm began to improve, so we in the fourth quarter and next year's export situation is more optimistic."Jiang Qiulin said.
Shandong weituo foreign trade company of tractor products in the Russian market export situation has been good, but affected by the ruble drop sharply this year, the company estimates the situation has changed "difficult" in the fourth quarter.In the face of declining export delivery value since the second half of last year, the company in business like the classic product by the customer at the same time, also pay attention to expand the scope of sales, promote the product diversification."We used mainly manages the tractor, diesel engine, generator sets and other products are now do."The company general manager assistant li Yang said.
Frequently innovation to grasp opportunities
Macro sea heavy industry co., LTD., the exhibition of products are used for earthwork loader, construction industry, etc.A sales manager, told reporters that the company's products are mainly exported to Australia, the Middle East, Africa,
Places such as Russia, in the first three quarters of this year Brazil political instability, economic downturn, the company exports in South America market.
"The company always adhere to keeping up with the world's leading enterprises, efforts to innovation, make product details, ensure the quality of products, can turn pressure into motivation."The sales manager said.
It also reflected in the macro heavy industry co., LTD distribute publicity page - "do the BMW" in the loader.According to the sales manager, the company has been in the study of BMW innovation spirit, the take part in Canton fair also brought off-road forklift this innovative product."Most people are familiar with the forklift can only be driven in good road conditions, the macro off-road forklift truck can be used in all kinds of road conditions, better able to meet customer demand.""This year, the company's total exports increased significantly as compared with last year, about next year the situation we are full of confidence."The business manager said.
Henan xuchang elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The exhibition the new steel machine."In recent half a year, we combined with the popular trend of overseas market for the product operating mode is improved, and connecting with the company's own design, improve product performance and prolong the service life of the product."The company international trade manager Wang Zhengwei said.