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Rational electricity engineering machinery enterprises to explore new business model

time:2015-12-9 16:55:26

"In the 21st century, electronic commerce or no business can service", "in the future all the enterprises will become the Internet enterprise", in these prophecies facilitated, electronic commerce for many enterprise transformation and upgrading of the "standard".However after spend a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, some enterprises especially in equipment manufacturing and other traditional found e-commerce did not achieve the ideal effect, and produce various kinds of questions to the electronic commerce.How to find suitable for their own development of e-commerce model?How to correct the misunderstanding between the enterprise development electronic commerce, the positive response to the challenge?China construction machinery trade network "rational" electricity "timely, in the traditional industry + how to explore new business models under the age of the Internet is the focus of this concept. 
Shift in China's economy driven by external demand to domestic demand in the background, with improving consumption environment and technology level, the network shopping the economic impact of more and more obvious.As of June 2015, China's online shopping users to scale up to 374 million, according to the survey, about 92% of consumers have had online shopping experience, the network shopping the consumption patterns have tended to be popular.The first seven months of this year, the online retail sales of 1.9363 trillion yuan, up 37.7% from a year earlier.Which physical goods online retail sales of 1.6141 trillion yuan, an increase of 37.0%, which accounts for 9.7% of total retail sales of social consumer goods, e-commerce is gradually become a "mainstay" consumption.
As the "Internet +" action plan is put forward, the innovation of the Internet to depth of fusion to all areas of society and economy, the traditional industry with the integration of information technology for new opportunities.Including engineering machinery enterprises, many traditional transformation during the exploration of the e-commerce, hoping to create new forms with the height of the Internet industry.
Electricity in ideal condition, the enterprise transformation can be implemented to increase the new sales channels, extension of brand publicity, increase the new customer contact channels, expanding investment objectives such as layout.However, many enterprises one-sided understanding of electricity and outdated, some enterprises think that electricity is set up simple online mall, they hope to rely on simple investment to achieve quick results;Some enterprises that make the electronic commerce can replace the traditional channels, so for e-commerce created unrealistic expectations.If let enterprise in slightly impetuous development under the concept of e-commerce, in the long run, the development of the enterprise will have electricity, no electricity.Therefore, to achieve rational electricity is imminent.Begin from three areas online, offline, and the background, implement targeted and e-commerce system development, is of vital importance to the enterprise.
In the process of development of e-commerce, enterprise must first from product positioning, cost control, quality control, and response speed, hold good operation from the Angle of several elements such as form includes industry management personnel and high-quality talents in the field of network marketing team.Next, want to choose to suit their own development platform, and avoid online sales channels and traditional sales channels have a possible conflict.Professional e-commerce platform construction and operator express number was for the enterprise provides the operation of the electronic commerce system solutions, the development of the whole channel electric business solutions and move the pin products, realize the integration of online linkage, the whole channel marketing and convenient control, can effectively improve team efficiency, to ensure a healthy electricity business operations.
By China construction machinery trade network, shandong jie rui digital technology co., LTD., CIO summit hosted by the construction machinery industry BBS has long promoted the industry of the two fusion, for the engineering machinery industry the development of electronic commerce conducted fruitful exploration.CIO peak BBS of the eighth construction machinery industry will be "rational electricity, king marketing" as the theme, to the traditional industry + new business models under the age of the Internet.BBS will then gather relevant industry and the leading representative of the Internet, will work with related domestic business information, production, and other famous people and experts, for electricity, after market, digital marketing, innovation of supply chain, etc., are under the age of the Internet the traditional industries of the new business model for further communication and discussion, collision wisdom spark.
During the BBS held, will also be for equipment manufacturing industry leading enterprises and leaders to commend.
We sincerely invite the Internet industry and traditional industry elite to participate in the BBS, to discuss cooperation, win-win future