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China construction machinery marketing in exploring the road of the future

time:2015-12-10 19:16:33

In 2015, is China's construction machinery host product marketing by far the most challenging year.
Along with our country's macro economy under the "new normal" continue to present in the low speed development situation, the depth of the engineering machinery industry and the market adjustment and the influence of the thinking and Internet technology, marketing engineering machinery industry is struggling.Main products of the new sales continue to slide, overcapacity is serious, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand, export growth is low.And enterprise economic benefits shrink further, shortage of funds, financing difficulties, authors and increasing the space is limited, further intensify the pressure on transformation and upgrading, and relevant policies and reform measures to industry supporting effect of economic operation and it will take time for.
In such a situation, both host manufacturers and agents, and even in the history of Chinese engineering machinery value chain each relevant enterprises are very reluctantly, service, actively seeking new breakthrough of marketing and the way of transformation.
Trend analysis, digestion of creditor's rights, to reduce the network capacity, contraction, the authors layoffs, crossover marketing, combined cold, product upgrading, strengthening innovation, strengthening the overseas, and the Internet, lean management...Enterprise within the scope of the limited conditions, the space and the ability to, quietly step by step to strengthen.However as individuals and small scale enterprise dealing with enough to address the current entire macroscopic system risk and industry, need wisdom, work together, overcome difficulties.
October 21-23, 2015, the second China engineering machinery marketing & market after the convention and the 2015 annual meeting of China construction machinery agent and marketing peak BBS will with the reconstruction of the "value chain" as the theme, continue to gather the resources, thinking, based on value chain reconstruction under the trend of marketing dilemma revaluation, discuss the solution, the future strategic choice and marketing mode innovation, especially the agent survival crisis, how to face the "Internet +", etc, to make a deep and rational thinking!
High-end tells
High-end is special planning of the highlights of the conference and the most important part.It closely "after the marketing & market value chain reconstruction" this topic, the choice has distinctive narrative and representative about the topic, in the form of new free tells, cause marketing in the value chain and market change after thinking, building a better industry in the future.Are invited from industry association, the manufacturers, agents, big users and Internet and so on a number of heavyweight high-end personage, their sense of feeling, and the impact will be able to bring the most feelings
Core issues: value chain reconstruction under the background of the agent's response

Annual agent meeting will be closely related to the background of reconstructing value chain, and collection of Chinese construction machinery industry's most powerful and influential agent projects, to discuss the solution.As the agent of invited guests are: engineering machinery co., LTD., chairman of hefei xiang yuan Zhou Chi army, lixing mechanical chairman Lawrence poh, swift horse machinery co., LTD., chairman of the supply chain Yang Yihua, nanchang best rui industrial co., LTD., chairman of Deng Wenhui, magic feats of engineering machinery co., LTD., chairman of MiaoYunFei numerous well-known brands at home and abroad agents such as rational and pragmatic dialogue.

One of the marketing peak BBS: insight into the future
Seeking truth from facts, respect the law, which is now the general engineering machinery marketers, especially the agent need to face the fact that seriously.Low depressive potential energy will release the new change of kinetic energy and finally came to a new equilibrium.
1 digital hydraulic engineering machinery directly into 4.0 era
Speaker: cimc group President, senior economist at strategic adviser, machinery industry Jung hyun
With the rapid arrival of industrial 4.0, while China construction machinery industry and even the traditional manufacturing is actually 2.0 to 3.0 to accelerate the transition from the industry, in some areas, however, the chance of overtaking ushered in the corner, digital hydraulic is already under way is such a breakthrough areas and has successfully formed products.
Engineering machinery is 2.0 times of confusion?Industrial era and in subversion 4.0?The development prospects of intelligent construction machinery?Industrial 4.0 how will the new definition foundation?How will digital hydraulic transmission and control technology for intelligent construction machinery based, what are the breakthrough?Zheng teachers all these problems will speak wonderful answer them one by one.
2 the agent enterprise brand, capital, and the power of faith
Speaker: swift horse machinery co., LTD., general manager of supply chain Jia-lin liu
Agents in this round of industry slump, the pressure is particularly severe, challenges and flawless transformation and upgrading of the breakthrough?The answer is no.Even in the independent brand and capital "box" swift horse group still done are flawed, fighting courageously.
Swift horse push engineering machinery circulation and service mode innovation, extend the industrial chain, foster after market service ability adequately, established the "Internet +" in the industry take the lead in green supply chain platform, at the same time, success will be SEVALO China engineering machinery services only "China well-known trademark", after 5 years of baptism industry fluctuations and enterprise transformation, "swift horse" supply chain and finally became the first knock on the door of China's capital market agents.How they do it?This will bring agents and the industry what enlightenment?As one of the main leader of liu company the most experience and lessons.
3 construction machinery intelligent linking bring opportunities and challenges
Speaker: zhuoyuan at technology company deputy general manager Guo-jun li
Intelligent linking is not only in changing our daily life, more will, is changing our traditional manufacturing engineering machinery industry.There is no doubt that this is the future.Zhuoyuan at technology company has profound technical strength and the Internet engineering machinery industry background, their touch not only keen on intelligent linking and grounding gas.And see everything in their eyes.
4 + used Internet business model
Speaker: real used & CEO, founder of the construction of fan
+ Internet is a hot word, and then how to add the same hot used construction machinery industry, with large user groups, we need to listen to dash to the road is in full swing in real how used the founder said.
5 + Internet used mechanical and electronic business
Speaker: yi in the polar ring (Beijing) co., LTD., chairman of the auction QuJunHui
This is special industry Internet + have a heavyweight honored guest, easy in the electricity and the auction is a handful of pioneers and pioneer, they have their own unique patterns and understanding of engineering machinery used mechanical and electronic business, on the basis of the practice of a few years they found what the new train of thought.
6 electricity and how big data services for traditional industry
Speaker: China mobile Internet, e-commerce experts practice wuwei
Wuwei teacher was the first practical mobile Internet, e-commerce experts in China, successively in digital China (China) co., China's distribution network in many large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and foreign companies, has for many famous companies such as China mobile, China unicom done training in terms of e-commerce, has 10 years of actual combat experience in the electronic commerce platform construction and operation, also has a research in the field of big data.