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Signs of unclear Mining machinery industry will continue to slow growth

time:2015-12-13 18:22:44

On November 25, xuzhou rain since winter's first snow.On this day, to participate in the 2015 annual China mining machinery industry the 19th annual meeting of the representatives, brave the wind and snow already from all over the country, in the "winter" of China mining machinery industry, to taste a little warm in the cold.
26, around the "new, change, future vision" the theme of the annual meeting was held as scheduled.China construction machinery industry association QiJun, machinery branch of China construction machinery industry association mining zeng guang, executive vice President and secretary general Li Hongbao to assembly, etc.From caterpillar, komatsu, sany, zoomlion, liugong, fuzhou and other industry giants and supporting suppliers, sales agents and media representatives and more than 200 people gathered, conspiracy "new normal" of China mining machinery industry for the future development direction and explore new industry transformation and upgrading.
Li Hongbao said in his speech, the past few years, with the development of China's economy changes, China mining machinery industry has experienced a sharp fluctuations, both the outbreak of the blowout growth, there is also a bluff is declining.Nowadays, the "golden decade" is over, in the face of the new economic situation and market environment, China mining machinery industry has entered a "new normal" stage of development, in a critical period of transformation and upgrading.Admittedly, transformation and upgrading cost is high, the investment, the risk is big, many entrepreneurs fall into a state of "confident, finding their heart vacant", but at this point, the more we need to learn from the past, to the present, firm faith, find a "straight to the sea in full hanging" broken.
According to the China engineering machinery industry association mining machinery branch survey data statistical analysis shows that as of September 2015, investment planning and production of mining machinery in China there are about 50 enterprises, production scale of the enterprise about 30;More than 50 ten thousand sets of planning capacity;About more than 200 agents.Total sales of about 500 a variety of mining machinery products of different type and specification, a single machine for 1 ~ 537 tons in weight.The statistics included in chapter 29 host production enterprise, 2015 years ago in the third quarter accumulative total sales of 47765 sets of various types of mining machinery products, down 36.2% from a year earlier.At comparable company sales volume, more than the same period last year dropped 48.0% in the first quarter, second quarter fell by 35.1%, a fall of 34.5% in the third quarter, 2015 years ago in the third quarter fell by 41.2%, decreased obviously, signs is unclear.
Li Hongbao finally points out, "wen can know a new, innovative leading change".Transformation of the road is not flat, also won't happen overnight.Facing the new situation, only forward-looking vision to discern the changes of the market, in the aspects such as structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading and technological innovation as actively, constantly seeking new breakthrough, in order to realize the transformation, the end of the pain, make it possible to "the future sustainable development".
Domestic brands hold up half the kingdom

Look from the market pattern, 2010 years ago, has dominated the market for Japanese brands, the market share in the range of 34% ~ 37%, slightly brand in Europe and America share a modest contraction.After 2010, the European and American brands share small growth, Japanese, Korean brand share of shrinking, fell nearly 10% within five years.At the same time, domestic brands with basic Korean brands are tended to decline where "long", the relationship between market share has improved, homebred brand market share less than 20% before 2006, has dominated for half 2015, 51.2% of the market.

Look from product structure, between 10 Chinese excavator sales various models are also a big change.2010 years ago, little dig a little change of interval, dig in proportion and decrease, big dig accounted for 5% rise in space.Shrinking after 2010 until now, dig in, of lower than 21%, the big dig proportion fell by nearly 5%, small digging, by contrast, the market reaction is good, the rapid expansion of market accounted to 64.8%, compared with 2010 increased by 26%.
Look from the regional distribution, along with the development of the western region was deepened, the western region sales proportion in the total sales rose by 27.9% in 2006 to 39.6% today.On the contrary, with the slowdown in the eastern part of urban infrastructure construction, mining machinery sales also revealed a general trend of shrinking to 10 years to reduce the market share of 9%.The central region sales accounted for, the basic keep in the range of 28% ~ 32%.
Domestic hydraulic hammer industry one of the leading enterprises, yantai Eddie precision machinery co., LTD., chairman of seinfeld, said the company's main business includes two pieces, one is the excavator hydraulic parts, 2 it is excavator with fittings.The present state of hydraulic parts market is divided into two pieces, one is the domestic market, service market and remanufacturing in overseas markets.In excavator with fittings, especially hammer sales can reach 1000 units in 2015.In order to further expand the scale of production, the realization of corporate vision, the company added a site area of 120000 square meters, currently under construction, which is mainly used in the production of hydraulic hammer.Seinfeld said, both at home and abroad, eddy constantly find hot spots in the cold, we can neither being bitter, also can't complain.
, as the representative of domestic brands, trinity juki co., LTD., deputy general manager liu zhongkai in "face to face with challenge for positioning prudent management" speech pointed out that the theme of the shrinking demand fell sharply, profit, inventory backlog serious, high accounts receivable is the four main problems facing the current engineering machinery enterprises.Future excavator industry has a very serious challenges, but opportunities is unprecedented, for example, overseas exports are on the increase, etc.Market is forming a reversed transmission mechanism, force enterprises to carry out transformation and upgrading, such as 3 + services, from production to production after trinity sales agents from the host to the market.He said that although China's macro economy downward pressure increasing, but the basic characteristics of the development does not change, for a long time in the future, China is still the world's largest excavator market.
The way of sustainable development of the foreign brand
At the annual meeting, caterpillar global vice President, caterpillar (China) investment co., LTD., chairman of Mr Chen, komatsu (China) investment co., LTD., general manager and CEO Wang Ziguang as a representative of the foreign brand, to share with you the way of sustainable development.
Mr Chen speaks at the project titled "sustainable development", share with you the caterpillar and agents together and the way of sustainable development.In 1926 a "AcrosstheTable" blue book establishes a caterpillar and mutual respect, trust, win-win relationship between the agent and continues to this day, and rise.The agent is the bridge of caterpillar delivering value to customers, future caterpillar will continue to perfect the system of the agent in China, to establish a sustainable proxy mechanism, sympathetic with the agent.