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Global fifth - xugong continues to lead the Chinese construction machinery enterprises

time:2015-12-14 18:56:10

Recently, sponsored by the China engineering machinery magazine list of the 2015 global top 50 list released engineering machinery manufacturers.In the latest session of the world's top 50 construction machinery manufacturers in the camp, xugong group ranked fifth, flat with the previous year, continues to lead the Chinese construction machinery enterprises.
In the top 50 camp, Chinese enterprise number for 11, flat with Japan.In the top 15 enterprises, three Chinese enterprises XCMG, zoomlion and sany fifth, ninth and tenth respectively.
Is closely related to engineering machinery industry and economy, is one of the important indicator of global macro economic operation.Influenced by the world economic fluctuations, nearly two years of global and Chinese engineering machinery industry operation, there is change and adjustment.In the adjustment of the market situation, given the xugong a conversion mechanism, the hard skills, strengthen their own opportunities.In the first half of this year, in the face of industry continued low range, xugong group to speed up the pace of change and transformation, in accordance with the "three pay more attention to" management guiding ideology, grasped the nettle and multiplex breakthrough, important progress has been made in a flurry, maintain the strength and status of the industry first.
As China's equipment manufacturing industry in the field of highest degree of internationalization, independent innovation ability, the strongest plate, xugong group leading Chinese construction machinery industry in product, technology, innovation and manufacturing major breakthroughs were made in unceasingly, broke the Europe, the United States and Japan in the enterprise long-term monopoly in the field of history, laid the leading position in the industry, further more prominent position in the national core industry, global market reputation, influence, a significant boost