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Insist on innovation Xugong mining machinery contrarian vying for global market

time:2015-12-23 17:59:59

In recent years, the global economic growth is lower than expected, the new domestic economic growth is shifting under normal pressure, pain intensified economic structure adjustment.Face pressure and challenge, xugong mining machinery division to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, and always adhere to independent innovation wrestling "new normal" market, in the core technology breakthrough, product reliability, product customization development continuously, improve product quality and technical content, meet the "new normal" under the globalization market competition.
Insist on innovation Xugong mining machinery contrarian vying for global market
Adhere to independent innovation, promote the core technology breakthrough
On September 22, relying on "a new generation of series planning platform" xugong 8 t excavator as new building energy-saving pioneer at Beijing exhibition, causing industry high attention.Since 2015, the mining machinery division actively promote a new generation of product development, research and development of customized power system, adopting the advanced system matching technology, key hydraulic parts using the latest technology, low energy consumption, fast response speed, control precision, electrical system, bridge, a new improved upgrade covering parts, etc, the main performance full beyond the previous generation models.In terms of self-independence of key components research and development, xugong independent research and development of the main valve on the small hydraulic excavator finished fitting, and complete the performance test, further improve the market competitiveness of products.At the same time actively integrate internal and external resources, cooperation with colleges and universities to carry out the "large excavator hydraulic system simulation and experimental study on the key technologies" basic technology research projects, large mining mechanical arm drop regeneration was realized.And collaboration damping noise reduction technology research institute, 90 - ton product powertrain mount system average vibration isolation rate of 20 db, damping performance is obviously improved.

To strengthen the quality control, continued to carry out the product reliability improvement
Focus on "efficient, reliable, energy saving, economy" customer needs, the depth of mining machinery group to carry out the quality control of the ascension, for the 19 "plan T" reliability project for special management, focusing on power system, hydraulic system, control system and so on key components are optimized to upgrade.To reduce internal failure rate, to reduce the corrosion rate, reduce maintenance costs and improve material weatherability and other key indicators, department of joint research institute, suppliers and other key technologies for breakthrough, has now completed 12 key components optimization, further enhance the reliability of the product, and the results transplanted to a new generation of products, guarantee the quality of the subsequent product stability.At the same time around the mining machinery industry, accelerate the optimization to finalize the design of large mining equipment, the gap between the shrinking and benchmarking enterprises.

Rapid response to market, promoting regional custom research and development
Recently, the Middle East market feedback, xugong customized research and development of breakup type excavator in nearly 60 degrees Celsius environment of high temperature, high strength rock condition of performance is good, the product reliability to get customer high praise.As a typical example of Chinese large tonnage excavator batch go abroad, this batch of products in working life, the whole car locking, heat balance and the whole machine dust the customized design and improvement of the whole machine performance reached the international first-class level.With many varieties, customized products become a development trend of overseas market demand, mining machinery division established overseas special products research and development team, subdivide different regions of the global market demand, at high temperature, cold, high dust, etc. Its product adaptability of globalization to improve regional climate.In view of the product research and development of the north American market, not only through the north American certification, and single different machines or thumb grips, bucket, etc., and quickly switch, more in line with the requirements of human-machine adaptability of Europe and America.Cold alpine conditions against Russia developed excavator, fully meet the structural material impact toughness at low temperature, low temperature starter and bridge as well as the cold comfort of special requirements, and meet the GOST certificate.In addition, depending on the product system planning developed catch machine, cutting machine, forest machine and other special equipment, can meet the demand of working condition of different regions, different differentiation.