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The market downturn squeezed between engineering machinery accessories enterprises

time:2015-12-27 22:03:17

Since 2015, because of the depressed market situation as a whole, the enterprise operating pressure, makes engineering machinery accessories enterprise survival space more narrow. 
In the recently held 2015 annual meeting and the general council of Chinese engineering machinery accessories industry, engineering machinery accessories branch secretary-general Jia Xiaowen to the innovation and development, trend of adjustment, seek opportunities in difficult "as the theme, for the current fittings industry present situation were analyzed.
She points out that rapid development in construction machinery industry, for letting fittings enterprise, as long as can do it as one of the big engineering machinery manufacturers, to find a long-term supply of enterprise, is equivalent to find a can rely on tree.Situation nowadays, construction machinery industry downturn, product sales overall decline, liquidity dries up, the fittings enterprises into the "dilemma" situation.
On the one hand, such as sales slump, the demand for components and other supporting products also reduced accordingly, lead to many orders greatly shrink parts enterprises.Again this time fittings enterprise blindly rely on host manufacturers, not only cannot further growth, is also likely to endanger the survival.On the other hand, the parts of the domestic enterprise scale is not large, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, independent innovation ability is limited, technology is not high, the service level is limited, the lack of core competitiveness.So the downturn in the current market environment, corporate authors synergistic space is limited, further intensify the pressure on transformation and upgrading, many enterprises have reached break-even point, the brink of survival, many enterprises can't see the future development direction, even slowly out of the market.
The five problems in industry
Although at present, China engineering machinery accessories industry enterprise quantity many, but the strength is weak, and different kinds of products that are low output compared with the host.Outstanding performance is: the fittings production enterprise organization structure is loose, and assimilation products seriously;Lack of with independent intellectual property rights, the main highlight, the core competitive large enterprises and group companies.In addition, the following five aspects: problem is also hindering the development of the industry.
One is the cash flow tension.From 2011 to 2011, construction machinery industry for four consecutive years of decline, causing fittings industry situation more difficult.On the one hand, because of the expansion of before, excessive saturated capacity, now the bank loan pressure is very big., on the other hand, some supporting makers not only don't have the ability to help fittings enterprises, also takes up a lot of sales payment, even by the host product ACTS as payment, the parts of enterprise management burdens.Some parts enterprises choose to sacrifice part of interests, through sales support, the production and business operation very difficult.

The second is the quality of the products is not high, structural shortage.Reliability, durability, has always been our country's engineering machinery accessories products shortcomings, and parts product quality directly affects the service life of the machine product.Engineering machinery components for high-end products in China's capacity for independent innovation is weak, the traditional test method, is to stay in the same products abroad mostly imitation copy stage, reliability and durability of the product and foreign product has a larger gap.Is common at the same time, the industry a bad atmosphere, what products to make money, companies will profit by low-end product repeat investment, repeat construction, lead to low-end component serious product homogeneity, high added value of high-grade products still less, the obvious contradiction between the shortage of structural products.

Three is the key core components remains to be a breakthrough.Key core engineering machinery fittings mainly refers to the high-end hydraulic components and transmission components, control system and power system.Engineering machinery with the core fittings and the system compared with foreign advanced level, development cycle is 2 ~ 3 times of similar products abroad, the durability is 30% ~ 50% of similar products abroad.Started relatively late compared with foreign countries, our country engineering machinery accessories, high-end high-pressure plunger type hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, integral multi-way valve components and power shift gearbox, engineering machinery parts for key manufacturing technology such as drive axle never fully breakthrough, now most of the host's key fittings is still the international procurement.
Four is the competition mechanism is not standard.So far, the fittings industry in our country has not yet formed a virtuous cycle of competition system is conducive to industry.Under the influence of the unfair competition between machine products, machine enterprises in purchasing fittings, pay attention to the product price is better than the quality of our products and led to the fittings industry malignant price competition between the enterprises.Enterprises in order to win more orders, will be more attention focused on the competition, even himself can't make money, also want to hit the opponent, some businesses were forced to fight back, dozen have a price war, results crashed into each other.This will not only put the cart before the horse industry development, further to push the development of the enterprise itself to the wall.In fact, low price competition in the market, just play the role of "spoiler", weaker, it is.Low price is always hard for a long time, eventually lose in front of the price sooner or later.
Five is to standardize market order.After the after-sales maintenance market, the user distribution area is extensive, dealers have different size, accessories distribution of very bad management.On the one hand, form a complete set of the original enterprise must accept from the machine, the pressure of the enterprise, a large number of new digest too high quality products at low prices after entering the market, increased competition., on the other hand, due to the complexity of product circulation channels, brand of all kinds of parts, under the drive of interests, fake and inferior products are engineering machinery accessories market, every year around the ministry of commerce and industry have been investigated fake accessories, active participation in some industry enterprises to expose fraud, but around fittings wind still prevails. 
To have the opportunity to prepare the people
China engineering machinery accessories industry for the task of the host for all kinds of engineering machinery and fittings as the core technology of the host, is also a showcase the host guarantee of good performance. 
Jia Xiaowen said that while the current situation, China's economic growth is slowing, the Chinese construction machinery industry development in low, fortunately, engineering machinery accessories industry have realised that this is the necessary stage to remove the impetuous, precipitation essence, such as sweep, washing dregs, healthy development.In the critical period of transformation and upgrading, only adjustment, enterprises to survive;In the key stage of the true, only adjust, fittings industry can open the healthy development of the new situation. 
Specifically, fittings enterprise urgently needed by technology, business model, management methods, service concepts and means and so on various aspects of innovation, establish a professional and careful division of internal production, to provide products and services to other people, to dig others found no demand and market;Need to stick to the original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation combined mode of independent innovation, building with enterprise as the main body, the combination of production with collaborative innovation system;To expand the market actively, set up its own brand, gradually realize the "selling products" to "system integration suppliers. 
The future development of Chinese engineering machinery accessories industry, depended on the support of the environment, but the core is all industry practitioners of their own efforts.Large-scale construction machinery industry, non-standard, small batch, the natural properties such as high investment, made for quite a long time, the existing production, the sales model will not be disruptive change.Internet, intelligent manufacturing, industrial 4.0 fashionable concept, are industry may choose to promote efficiency and reduce the cost of tools and means, is the application of selective.Rather than blindly follow or passive procrustean method.
She called for industry colleagues, to eliminate blundering, don't wait to see, because only to have the opportunity to prepare the people.Industry practitioners should hard skills, strengthen independent innovation ability, speed up the formation of autonomous technology, independent brands, thus contributing to the new competitive advantages and development growth.