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Ten technology trend helped the construction machinery industry into the modern world

time:2015-12-28 21:05:01

In the 1980 s to the present, the engineering machinery from technology has been mature period into the modern period, its comprehensive technology level onto a new stage.This makes people see a brand new construction machinery industry, new engineering machinery products work efficiency and work quality, environmental protection, operation performance, and the degree of automation is incomparable, and are marching towards intelligent and robotic nanomanipulation.Here we specially for you ten inventory construction machinery industry technology trends, let us listen to the pulse of the engineering machinery development.
1, the updating and upgrading of speed.With the development of modern high technology, the world of engineering machinery product rapid technological development and innovation, upgrade cycles are getting shorter, product groups to develop, improving product series, the United States, Europe, Japanese companies have launched the second and third generation until the fifth generation of engineering machinery of new products.
2, environmental protection requirements is increasing day by day.To the sustainable development of human society and economy, the world public puts forward more and more strict requirements on environmental protection, construction machinery have good environmental performance will become one of the important indicators of participate in international competition in the market, has now become many industrial developed countries "market here".So, in the us and Europe countries are rushed to develop "for people and environment friendly" engineering machinery.
3, small and large specification and development.Large and medium-sized construction machinery is still the mainstream of the global construction machinery, annual sales of about $70 billion, but on both ends of the engineering machinery toward miniaturization and large extended trend is obvious in the us and Europe countries is a major consumer market of engineering machinery, diminishing its massive infrastructure construction project, and the small repair protection and city project is on the rise, in order to save high human cost, improve work efficiency, all kinds of small, miniature engineering machinery field.These mechanical equipment can be construction work, in a narrow location or applied in the family residential and small projects.
4, personalization and multi-function coexist.Project categories, the material, the scale of development and construction of the different environment, personalization and multi-function are put forward for engineering machinery, and modern design technology and the development of flexible manufacturing technology and create conditions for product personalization and the realization of the multi-function.Personalized product is in order to adapt to that in a particular condition, multi-use is another direction in the development of engineering machinery, this will undoubtedly improve equipment utilization.
5, the operation principle of innovation and breakthrough, the operation principle of the construction machinery including t cutting, crushing, backfill, the screening of geotechnical material, mixing and heating, the mixture paving, leveling and compaction, etc.These assignments theory originally is based on bionics and Newtonian mechanics, and the development of modern science has paved the way for the engineering machinery operation principle of the new.Such as mechanical vibration, pulse, jet, the application of the photoelectric effect and thermal physics, for construction machinery to realize save resources, improve project quality, improve production efficiency and working reliability, driving comfort and degree of automation.
6, hydraulic transmission.In the 1960 s to the roller, only more than 10 years of time to get the promotion and popularization.Existing roller, vibration, steering and braking system has realized the full hydraulic drive.Hydraulic transmission greatly simplifies the roller drive and control system design, hydraulic transmission smooth manipulation convenient save Labour, easy to realize stepless speed regulation and automatic control, and overall improve the production efficiency and the compaction quality of roller.
7, man-machine engineering principle attention since the 1980 s, many large engineering machinery manufacturing company in the world have invested a lot of manpower and money to study modern design methodology and application of ergonomics to advocate human-oriented design idea, pay attention to machine and coordinate with each other.Electronic technology in engineering application of large flow Jane the driver operating procedures and improve the technical performance of the machine.Using electronic control can automatically choose the machine operation mode;Use of the electronic monitoring system can timely discover and eliminate machine fault;Use of electronic sensors by the microcomputer processing can automatically detect the machine's operation quality.
8, industrial design concept throughout the product design.Industrial design is the modelling of industrial product design, also known as the product of art.The modelling of engineering machinery design can make the machine form and its structure, function and use requirement unifies, and in harmony with the person's physical and mental.The modelling of the various parts of the design should include proper proportion, fluid form, color coordination, instrument layout and beautiful, and facilitate intuitive operation and eye-catching trademark symbols, etc.The companies all around the world attaches great importance to the industrial design of products and a dedicated research and design institutions.
9, virtualization modular design and manufacturing.Modular design including the previous said modular components in the process of generalization and design software.Modular design software can make the different systems or components to assemble and change parameters on the computer, thus greatly accelerate the progress of new product design and development.Information technology and global economy, and established the conditions for virtualization of machine manufacturing.In engineering machinery major multinational companies, is an obvious trend of manufacturers focus on development and equipment assembly, no longer making parts, and push it to parts suppliers.Product host manufacturers and parts suppliers and coordinate research and development institutions to take the creative spirit and common development and production of marketable products,
10, electromechanical integration and intelligent process letter.Modern construction machinery should be endowed with human and spiritual.Was thinking mind spiritual construction machinery (microcomputer) sense organs (sensor), neural network (electronic transfer), insides (motivation and) and the brotherhood of bone (working organs and walking device) of mechanical and electrical integration of transmission system.Electronic technology and the combination of sensors and mechanical device, has realized the automatic monitoring and automatic control of engineering machinery, namely, mechanical and electrical integration.Electronic sensor is mechanical and electronic letter of sense organs, is the medium between machine and its job objects, microcomputer as the core of letter electronic technology is a mechanical and electrical integration of the brain and central nervous system, it accepts sensors into all kinds of information, after processing to issue instructions to perform part of the machine